Portfolio of Design Work

Pitch Presentation

The story of a girl and the fun food tour experiences she had, this pitch deck relies heavily on playful illustration and animation throughout.



Create a presentation that company leads can use to pitch their food tours to prospective clients. The presentation would usually be given by the owner, and emphasis was on a playful and unpretentious, but still professional style.

Consulting with the business owner to idiate a concept for the presentation, I emphasized finding a story as the through-line for the presentation. Considering target demographic, we came up with a young woman to go on a journey with through the tours. Designing in PowerPoint and illustrating in Illustrator, I also sourced other artwork to add, and utilized copy and resources from Savor’s marketing people. To help really tie the story together and create a zippy style, I produced detailed animation on and between slides utilizing PowerPoint’s modest animation tools.


Gallery of Slides: