Portfolio of Design Work

My Work

I’ve been a professional graphic designer, and amateur game designer. I’ve created animations for corporate events, and planograms for in-store layouts. I’ve scripted, designed, developed, and animated presentations for small businesses and some of the largest in the world. I’ve designed graphics used in the courtroom to win multi-million-dollar verdicts. I’ve planned projects, and led the teams that execute them. I design with people in mind, making my work as clear and approachable as possible, while trying to have a little bit of fun in the process.

The way I work could best be described as failing until I succeed. I create shapes, change colors, fuss over fonts, and generally push the content around on my canvas until the design is right. Through my years of experience, I can often get to “right” a lot faster, and have enough in my knowledge bank to get to success with fewer trials. I bring insight from a broad cross-section of industries and clients, and my design work is infused with that multi-faceted alchemy.