Portfolio of Design Work

Moz Marketing Design

As a Senior Visual Designer for Moz, I worked closely with the marketing department to concept, develop, and execute design on campaigns from beginning to end.

True Competitor Campaign

The release of a set of tools called for new promo assets, and a unified design theme that both set the suite of tools apart as their own package, and also still fit well with the Moz brand. This theme was utilized in several different ways and continues to be utilized when ever a new tool in the Competitive Research category is released.

Animation of a stylized screen for the True Competitor tool
Promo assets for True Competitor

Miscellaneous Animated Assets

New Moz Local

Assets for a campaign announcing a new product launch, and collateral in support of sales of the product.

Paid Ads

Motion Graphics

Video content is important for customer engagement. I animated and designed motion graphics for several video projects used in the product, or for promotional purposes.

Animated GIF Icons

Sales Presentations