Portfolio of Design Work

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

The Project:

Develop branding for Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security that stays true to the Microsoft brand while bringing it’s own distinctive look and feel. Then create a sales presentation to present the project and a template for future use and customization by the EMS team.

Working with an agency team to develop the Visual Identity, I came up with color usage, font sizes, and icon and illustrative styles to be used for this brand’s design work. For use with Enterprise business, it was straightforward, serious, and trustworthy.

Presentation Deck Template

From there, the client needed a well-defined and robust template for their own people to be able to create presentations that were consistent, customizable, and looked great. Working with the client, I assembled template slides based on their needs, giving them a lot of possible formats to work with. Along with the base slides, I worked with other designers on my team to create a set of icons and an illustration style that could be used with the EMS sales materials.

Actual Deck

In conjunction with developing the template, the client needed a complete sales deck overhauled. Using the rules and icons from the visual identity document accepted by the client, I took their content and customized it according to the new design, making changes and modifications where applicable to most effectively tell the story of their product and customer. In addition to redesigning according to style, I created customized illustrations and diagrams to show what the product did, and demonstrate technical concepts.