Portfolio of Design Work

Litigation Graphics

Go to court. Show the evidence. Win cases.

The Projects:

I have worked on over 100 cases consulting with attorneys on the visual presentation of their evidence. It is vital to capture the jury’s attention at trial through engaging visuals, explain difficult concepts with clear graphics, and lay out facts and setting through simple and compelling design.

Sometimes a single graphic is all that is needed to hammer home the key concept. Other times it takes hundreds of slides and a dozen poster boards to adequately convey all the material in a case. A combination of illustration, graphic design, presentation design, video, animation, storytelling, and logic are the tools of the trade in developing graphics for the courtroom.

Understandably, most of the materials developed are confidential. Below are some generic examples, as well as a small selection of samples wherein the names and facts have been changed to protect the innocent.




Want to see how it works and learn a little of my process? I gave a webinar on using graphics in the courtroom, available to watch here:

(My presentation starts at about 5:30 into the video)