Portfolio of Design Work

About Me

I obsess over finding solutions to visual communication problems.

Currently, that involves reaching prospective users in a marketing capacity as a Senior Visual Designer with Moz. Communicating the value of our SEO software, educating with diagrams or infographics, or simply designing something beautiful or interesting that generates engagement on social. I work end-to-end through the process, from the initial stages of discovery and development of the concept all the way through delivery of the final assets and tracking the KPIs of the campaign.

I’ve arrived where I am through an odd path, formerly designing persuasive graphics for attorneys to litigate their cases in court. The communications challenges here were unique, yet in many way the same as marketing. Explaining difficult concepts. Creating images that would stick in the minds of the audience. In a way, developing a brand around a case.

Design is not all I do of course, though it is my vocation. In my off time, I like to enjoy the outdoors. Beaches or hiking trails — even parks count well enough. In my garage I tinker with 3D printing. In my home I enjoy cozying up with my wife for some good streaming content, assembling a gorgeous meal, reading (or often listening) to a fascinating book, or playing with my daughter. After a long stint in Seattle, I’m back in Southern California where I was born and raised.